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The Information You Need to
Teach Your Child to Read
Find Top Game Sites for Learning
Learning through play is an excellent way for children to learn. This page provides links to some of the top game sites available to assist your child in learning.
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Hundreds of Learning Worksheets and Downloads
Worksheets help to build important skills including fine motor skills. These worksheet and resources will allow you to work with your child and help your child develop strong writing skills, fine motor skills and much more!
What Do You Want to Know About Literacy?
According to the Teacher Learning Center, "Kids’ self esteem and sense of accomplishment from learning to read is a key milestone in early childhood development. Learn about the importance of reading and key research on what you can do to help your child learn.
Talking Books are Fun and They Reinforce Reading
Talking books allow children to learn visually while also learning through listening. These talking books are fun for children and parents alike.
Looking for Books in Spanish?
View some of the Spanish / English books that my children enjoy. These books make learning Spanish easy.
Providing Learning Resources
As a mom, I quickly found out that the best way to introduce reading to my children is to find ways to make learning fun. I believe that inspiring a love of reading and learning in our children is one of the easiest and most rewarding things we can do as parents.

The purpose of this website is to find ways to help you to help your children learn and grow.