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Play and Learn!
Games are Excellent Learning Tools!

While there is much debate over the role of online and electronic games as learning tools, many people agree upon that games can be a very important aspect of children's overall learning. In our home, we include game playing as just another way to create activities which inspire our children and challenge them to think in new and different ways. We are going to have fun playing, so why not play a few games that will enhance reading and other skills?
RIF Reading Planet website offers a variety of games that are both entertaining and fun, while inspiring children to read. While many of the games are more appropriate for children who are in the 1st grade or higher, there are some fun games that can be played with a preschooler. One that we like is Star Words. We set the level at "easy" and we have fun cruising for letters in the rocket ship! I really feel like the RIF site has something fun for everyone--parents included!
Some of our favorite on-line learning game sites include names which have been around for decades. For Instance, RIF (Reading is Fundamental). RIF provides a number of fun games and resources on their site many of which are in Spanish, as well. Some of our favorite games, songs, and talking books can be found through Leading to Reading. At Leading to Reading you will find tools which are appropriate for ages 0-5.
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