Ok. I love worksheets, however, why can’t we call them FUNsheets instead? For these fun preschoolers printables, I am going to use the word "worksheets" throughout this page, but I'll be thinking, “FUNsheets!”

Have you ever wanted to create your own Worksheets?

While my son was able to easily read his name, I noticed that he was not as excited about writing and spelling his name. I also wanted to be able to work with him, focusing on letters which he found more difficult to construct as well as letters that he wrote well (therefore giving him a strong sense of satisfaction).

When I came across the website www.kidzone.ws, I wanted to jump for joy! This website allows you to create your own worksheets to say anything you want them to say! One drawback is that each line only has so much room, however, there is more than enough room to write your child’s name or whatever other words or numbers you want, there is also space on the side. A good idea is to make the worksheet into a fun arts and crafts project by pasting pictures that correspond to the words on each line.

I really like the fact that you can create these custom worksheets in a matter of seconds!

Creating Custom Worksheets
1st Graders & Preschoolers Printables!
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